Discover the essence of the 90s reimagined in our newest NUMERO CUATRO collection, marrying modern elegance with innovative design. Grounded in our brand's heritage, we honor the fusion of timeless sophistication and bold attitude from that iconic era.

Embarking on a journey of metamorphosis, this collection showcases the transformation of our signature pieces, introducing new models that promise to elevate the brand to new heights.

At the heart of our focus are the hybrid dresses - NAOMI N4, STELLA N4, and ELLE. NAOMI N4 transitions seamlessly into a lighter, looser silhouette, allowing for natural and elegant movement. Meanwhile, STELLA N4 evolves into a long, sensual dress perfect for special occasions. ELLE, our luxe knit LBD, remains a timeless legacy, now with a fluid and relaxed twist.

Expanding our horizons, we introduce Tailoring with the birth of our first blazer, ISABELLA, designed to complement all our dresses. Emphasizing shoulders like our cardigan, it makes a bold statement for NUMERO CUATRO.

JULIA 3 IN 1 epitomizes versatility, blurring the lines between a shirt dress and a coat, offering endless styling possibilities. The CINDY SET N4 introduces a lightweight linen skirt to pair with our signature top, offering effortless mix-and-match options.

In this new collection, we introduce our first core essentials pieces, the  DALMA T-shirt and the GIA bodysuit. Special designs that exude relaxed sophistication with emphasized shoulders and pronounced necklines. Adding to the lineup is the JILL Bodysuit, our first polo-style knitted body, combining comfort with refined style.

To stay true to our ethos, we introduce the CAYET STUDIO line, offering bespoke dresses tailored to individual measurements. Choose from the DEMI, the CHRISTIE, and the INÉS for a personalized touch of luxury.

Inspired by our CEO’s  travels to Saudi Arabia, our collection embraces fluidity and discretion with a special color palette reminiscent of the desert landscape - Beige, Brown, and Khaki, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Experience the innovation and transformation of NUMERO CUATRO - where every piece tells a story of timeless elegance and sophistication.