Designed by women for women, CAYET aims to make women’s life easier when it comes to transform their femininity into sensuality in a fresh and polished way.


For us, designing for women, is to express in a design the power, strength and aesthetics that a Woman needs to pursue her dreams. We love the diversity of the CAYET women and want to celebrate their silhouette and sensuality. Our mission is to make her feel as she has always wanted: free and sensual. Powerful pieces are the perfect tool for all occasions and will make a woman feel confident. We want them to test it democratically, inclusively and keep it in their closet as a lasting, timeless piece. Wear it and cherish it.



CAYET is an aesthetic movement inspired by the 90’s. The hybrid beauty of the 90’s supermodels and the minimalism of the decade is the starting point for our creations. Our pieces celebrate effortless femininity and not only make women feel powerful and elegant but are also created to last a lifetime in their closet.

We love the diversity of the CAYET women, and we want to celebrate their feminine silhouette and sensuality. Our mission is to make women feel like they always wanted: free and sensual.

The CAYET woman is a powerful and spirited woman who comes from all around the world. Our community is about dreams, conquests, charisma and authenticity. Our creations are made for the female silhouette in all its forms and should accompany our clients in all occasions of life. We want women all over the world to feel unstoppable in their CAYET designs.