Born and raised in Portugal, Founder and Creative Director Cláudia Diniz, grew up in Oporto very close to her traditional roots. From a very early age she felt a strong drive towards fashion and design which led her to study Fashion Design & Marketing and always work in the fashion industry. 

A love that also led her to Madrid, to be closer and work with top luxury and high-end brands; an experience that inspired her greatly and not only gave her the power to talk to a wider audience, but also watched her grow and somehow feel inspired and connected with the country making her feel like a “Portuguese woman with a Spanish touch.” 

As a creativity lover, she has developed a very personal vision of her own style and with that the creation of CAYET, whose name was given in honor of her daughter Maria Cayetana.

CAYET was born in 2022 with the intention of creating exclusive top quality elegant pieces that grow with our customers and are made to last a lifetime in your closet.