To tell my story is to tell a little bit about CAYET. I was born in the mythical 90’s and grew up around my grandmothers and aunts’ rags that always fascinated me. From them, I inherited not only the passion for fashion but also beautiful timeless pieces that besides the emotional charge they transmit, they also have history, personality and DNA in them. Pieces that lasted a lifetime in their closets and relive now in mine. I studied Fashion Design and Marketing and have always worked in agencies. I also traveled around the world and met different cultures, designers, brands, had a lot of different experiences and absorbed a lot of inspiration that helped me create my brand. CAYET was borned in 2022 and named after my daughter Maria Cayetana. It was created with the intention of designing exclusive elegant pieces that would grow with our customers and made to last a lifetime in their closets.


Creating something of my own was something that I always dreamt of doing but never really had the courage to take it forward. After being invited to a wedding, where I wanted to mark my presence in a simple yet elegant way, I had a hard time finding something that would not only work for a black tie event but that I would also be able to wear afterwards in my day to day. That day, I decided to make my dream come to life. With CAYET I try to create hybrid pieces that fit in the different moments of a woman’s life, pieces that can be worn on different occasions. Our mission is to create quality pieces that highlight the natural beauty of the female body without sacrificing comfort. I design to dress women with history and elegance.

Cláudia Diniz, CAYET founder